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Analysis vs Analyses: grammar.
Someone writing descriptive, exploratory, inferential, and predictive analysis" is not using analysis as a singular or plural noun, but as a mass noun. We do not mark mass nouns for number, although they always take the same form as the singular when there is a singular form.
ANALYSIS meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
uk / nælss / us plural analyses / nælsiz /. the study of something in detail.: carry out/perform/conduct an analysis We carried out an analysis of visitors to the website by age, sex, and region. scientific/chemical analysis Chemical analysis revealed a high content of copper.
What Is The Plural For Analysis? Blurtit.
The plural form of the word analysis is analyses, pronounced ana-la-sees. This refers to more than one scientific analysis for example. It forms its plural in the same way that words such as hypothesis form their plural forms. For example, the singular word becomes hypotheses in the plural form.
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Analysis Synonyms, Analysis Antonyms
Example Sentences for analysis. Analysis searched every wound of humanity, in order to expose its horror. He punched the private wire to Analysis for the fourth time that morning. In a corner office they found the Analysis man, pale but jubilant.
Shouldn't' It Be ANALYSES Plural Instead Of ANALYSIS Singular Here, And Why?
In" Tables 1 and 2, few studies have controlled for dietary factors in their ANALYSES of salt consumption, which makes it difficult to compare the different studies according to the dietary variables adjusted in the ANALYSIS" It would seem that the first clause of the sentence relates to the studies in tables 1 and 2, and as there's' more than one the plural analyses is used.
Plural of analysis English Vocabulary English The Free Dictionary Language Forums.
What is the plural form of the word, analysis? I thought it was analyses, but why does TFD show the dreaded red underline each time I try to write it? You are correct; the plural form of analysis is analyses.
Analyses definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Nearby words of analyses. analysis of variance. All ENGLISH words that begin with A. Related Terms of analyses. View more related words. Definition of analyses from the Collins English Dictionary. Demonstratives are used to specify the distance of something in space or time in relation to the speaker.
Analysis vs. Analyses Technical Writing Tips for the Oil Patch.
There is a whole lot of analyzing going on in the oil and gas industry. If you are doing just one routine core test, you are doing an analysis singular. If you are doing more than one, you are doing routine core analyses plural.
Analysis vs. Analyses.
Do you think the government's' analysis of the economic conditions is correct? For this project, I must complete an analysis of the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Analyses is the plural form of analysis. When you refer to more than one analysis, you use the plural: analyses.
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Trust us the plural of analysis is analyses. If your spell checker doesn't' like it, just add it to your dictionary and teach your spell checker something new.: And if you don't' want to trust us, just Google analysis plural.

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